Time Is Linear (God Is Watching) flies in the face of your favorite multiverse theorizing, accepting that moments in our lives are predestined, connected like the cars of a train locked to a track. Stuff your Mandela Effect in that Large Hadron Collider."

- (Nashville Scene)

Fig 1. Trailer for exhibit (above)

Nashville Scene article (left)

A series of screen-prints that follow a sequence of time. A question of whether God can exist based on our perceptions of time.  


These are the first pieces of a self-analysis about the space and time we occupy.  Each piece individually represent different points on the linear timeline, and as whole they represent a span of time in which I have been alive.  Each frame is carried into the next with the use of straight lines, representing the lineage of time. The pieces are arranged chronologically by date, which creates an overarching narrative between all the pieces together.  Together they serve as one linear timeline.

Time is Linear (noahtm)

Fig 2. and Fig 3.

Select work from Exhibition.

199X (above). 

193X (below).


We comprehend time as, Twenty-four hours a day,

365 days a year.


All of us are moving forward together. Yesterday was in the past, & tomorrow is yet to come. It’s continuous as far as we know.


Time for us is organized, it’s uniform. It’s all moving in the same direction, at the same pace it’s always moved.


Looking at textbooks, looking at a calendar, looking at my watch,

It all moves forward.


But the key is that it all moves forward on [one] singular path.


The events from 1952 directly influence the events that happen in August 1995.


This timeline that we see is the only one that we see.