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solo exhibitions
Time is Linear at Open Gallery
Nashville, TN

Remission at Crosstown Arts
Memphis, TN

group exhibitions
West Memorials
Memphis, TN
awards and nominations
Indie Memphis Film Festival 2021 Short Film nomination

Nashville Film Festival 2021
Short Film nomination

Knoxville Film Festival 2021
Short Film nomination

Best Music Videos of 2016 Nashville Scene

Indie Memphis Music Video nomination 2017

Memphis College of Art
Presidential Scholar 

Memphis Current, Issue 5


noah thomas miller

Miller is Illinois born, but now primarily resides between Memphis & New York.

All his work follows an epoch, archiving a specific time or space, for better or for worse.  This makes most of his work personal in nature, as a reflection and preservation of memory. He works in multivalent mediums, whether that be printmaking, video, sound installation or a combination of materials.

Day to day, Miller has worked in museums (the Museum of Science & History & the Brooks Museum of Art) where they teach that our world(s) must be preserved.  "We’re working against time, which has a natural process of erasing most things, stripping the detail. That’s why capturing a window of time with a photograph or magnetic tape is a magical practice in a way!" [noah thomas miller]

You can hear Miller's voice & selections on WYXR 91.7FM Memphis on Saturdays at 7PM, or see his helping hand showing films at Crosstown Arts.

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