"This series of work was made by Miller during a season of treatment and recovery during chemotherapy. By placing this artwork out of his mind and having it published, he plans to move forward in life and with his work. This exhibition is a celebration of life, in addition to an exhibition of thought. Projections, photography, poetry, and collages were made as a way to not let his hands or mind be idle during the process of treatment."

- (Crosstown Arts)

Fig 1. Center piece of the Remission Exhibit (above)

Article by Crosstown Arts (left)

Fig 2. Photos from Exhibition

Viewing this series as a collection of artwork is difficult for me.  it’s more of a reflection of the time that was spent removed from the world.  it already feels more dream like.  (some would phrase it more as a nightmare than a mere dream).  my mind wandered constantly.  sitting in isolation, with an abundance of time on your hands, looking at life as a whole for the first time.  these are just pieces of thought, gathered and placed together.  an assembly of objects to find meaning in this period of time. --- now in a state of thanksgiving.

Hospital Photo 2 (18x24).jpg
Hospital Photo 3 (18x24).jpg
Hospital Photo 1 (18x24).jpg
Letters Together small.jpg
Letters 1.jpg
Letters 2.jpg
Letters 3.jpg

"Your pocket is filled with so many things, some of which are stored there for a day or a weeks time, but others feel more permanent, like you’re always trying to hold on to them or keep them nearby.

I’ve often wondered why I haven’t been placed in there. I know what’s inside me has grown a little bigger than the size of a baseball, and that’s much too large or dense for most people to carry around. But I’ve seen you hold a softball." (selected work from Remission)

Fig 3. Three different prints from the exhibition (20x16).

Fig 4. Selected work of 3 different journals.

Fig 5. Three different prints from the exhibition (18x24).

Fig 6. Selected text from journal.